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Jesus Is King

And I, when I am lifted up from the earth, will draw all people to myself
John 12:32
Rap artist Kanye West’s latest musical work entitled Jesus Is King has caused an increased curiosity among the multitudes about Jesus. According to Relevant Magazine (October 30, 2019), there was an increase in people Googling about Christianity shortly after the release of Kanye’s musical release. I am always amazed at what is possible when anyone shows an interest in Jesus, as this text in John clearly states that by lifting up Jesus, God will draw people to the Eternal God. I have seen over the last few weeks, many argue or debate over the one who has offered his musical expression rather than the possible effect the ones being drawn to Christ as a result of Jesus being lifted up. Theologically, the “lifting up” of Jesus refers to the decisive event historically of the birth, life, death, resurrection and exaltation of Jesus Christ. It is by this lifting up, that Jesus draws people to Himself.
It is possible that there could be great pastors, evangelist, missionaries and laypersons who have been drawn to Christ by this musical work. I would suggest this should be our focus, not the ones who may possibly fall away. There are many great pastors in our churches who lead people to salvation that never see those people come to church after praying the prayer of salvation. This reminds me of who is drawing and who is saving. It is God who saves us through Jesus Christ and it is God who draws us. So I rejoice when I consider people researching who this Jesus is, because of the musical work offered by Kanye.
Who Kayne is as a person, with his flaws and our opinions of his political affiliation is a completely separate argument. His past public displays are there for all of us to debate on. I probably share in my opinions with most on these matters, but again that is a separate argument. Possibly, Kanye, like many of us, is still a work in progress and the same grace that is afforded to me is the same that is available to Kayne. But the lifting up of Jesus, should be what believers applaud, because the Holy Spirit moves in unique ways, reaching many that will inquire about this Savior named Jesus because of the lifting of His Name.
I have listened to the musical work Jesus Is King. There are some tracks that I can do without, but there are also some that I absolutely love. When I assessed this overall work, I realized that on some of my favorite gospel artist (traditional, contemporary and hip-hop), it is the same. Some songs I like, some I can do without. What’s the difference? Lift up Jesus, and let God draw, save and transform as many lives possible, to the glory of God.

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